At Summit, quality starts with error-free execution of every work order and photo, every time. Automatic quality checks built into our web-based workflow management system verify that information entered by members of our field service team is timely, accurate and complete. Using rigorous quality control processes, discrepancies are resolved prior to information being accepted into the client workflow stream.

Professional Standards
Summit’s experienced staff professionals remain in constant communication with members of our field service team to be sure they are current with all investor/insurer guidelines, as well as applicable national, state and local regulations.

Field Services
Each member of our field services team is rated on every work order relative to quality, timeliness, communications, compliance and other performance factors. If a vendor’s rating shows a pattern of decline, or falls below prevailing Summit standards, the vendor is removed from active status pending formal internal review.  If identified problems cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the vendor is removed from Summit’s system.